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We met with several other real estate agents before we met Lori. That really made us appreciate how exceptional she is. Our experience with Lori extended over a year's time (we started out looking at investment properties for ourselves and then switched gears and decided to help our son buy his first place), so we got to know her very well. Lori is exactly what we wanted when you know you will spend a lot of time with someone looking at houses. She is consistently cheerful, and has a positive outlook, a sense of humor and, crucial for us, patience, patience, patience. I think we are more difficult clients than average, and I never once felt that we were driving her crazy with all our requirements. If we weren't happy, she wasn't happy. Just as important, you want someone who is able to give you excellent input as to how to look at houses, relative values, and features to compare. She helped us evaluate the places we looked at according to what we wanted. Not all agents will do that--they can't say a negative thing about a house, and so you feel you're on your own in trying to judge the places you're seeing. We always felt that getting the right place was as important to Lori as it was to us. Her organizational skills are top-notch, and we have never had an agent who got us information and replied to our questions as promptly as she did. We ended up making an offer on a short sale, a process which can try the patience of a saint. I don't know where she got the serenity to deal with all the problems that arose during the months it took to close the deal, but she was a rock. She is a top-notch negotiator and stayed on top of the negotiations and paperwork right up to accompanying us to signing the documents at closing to make sure everything went well. We will never need to look for another agent. We've found the best.


Bonnie Sherman



I can only speak about my selling a home and buying a home with Lori Hamilton. She is incredible! She does everything she says she will do, is prompt at returning phone calls, emails and text messages, and ALWAYS had my best interest at heart! I felt my recent home purchase was a tough one in terms of dealing with the seller's agent. Lori handled it very well!


Scott Baker



Lori was a pleasure to work with, she was the epitome of organization. She really went out of her way to make sure that we managed to sell our property before our deadline and with a handsome profit to boot…even making cookies for the open house day !!!!  If it wasn't for Lori, we might have left the US to relocate back to England with an unsold house on our hands. Lori, you’re a star.

Many thanks once again.

Mark and Anje Longbottom

Liverpool, England, UK.





Lori was very professional and always available for us...always at least two steps ahead during the entire transaction. She was energetic, encouraging and extremely patient with us. We would recommend her to anyone that needed to buy or sell a home."


Thanks again for all your hard work!

Ashley Carlson



Lori Hamilton was knowledgeable and professional, very thorough and responsive. Fun to work with.

William Laverde


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