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Offer Price

The amount you want to offer for the property

Earnest Money Amount

A deposit toward your down payment.  This shows that you are making the offer "in earnest".  This money will be deposited (check cashed) within three business days (typically).  The seller may have rights to this money if buyer terminates transaction outside of the contract contingencies.  Typically 1-3% of the offer amount.

Down Payment Amount

Down payment for loan; in dollar amount.  This is in addition to the earnest money deposit.




Letter of Preapproval from Lender

Letter stating that you are preapproved for a mortgage.  Good to ask lender about closing time-frames prior to writing offer.


Other Provisions

Other provisions for the offer.  Requesting closing costs?  Subject to sale/closing of another property?  Subject to gift funds?  Special incentives for seller?


Questions for writing an offer


Being prepared to answer these questions will help in drafting an offer.


Personal Property

Are you asking for any personal property?  Refrigerator?  Washer and Dryer?  Lawn mower? Window coverings?


Inspection Period

This is the time to have the property inspected and negotiate any repairs or credits.  During this period, you can take the home AS-IS, unconditionally reject the property, or negotiate repairs or credits.  Standard inspection period is 10 business days.  May be longer or shorter depending on situation.


Closing and possession date

Consult with lender for realistic closing date.  Cannot close on Bank holiday.  Standard closing is 30-45 days.  Take possession the day of closing?  This is negotiable.


Escrow/Title Company

Any preference?


Names for Title

How do you want the name(s) on title


Offer Expiration

When do you want the offer to expire?

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